5. Juni 2017

Week 39: Graduation

Hey out there,
this week was really amazing, stressful and emotional!
On Monday I had to take 2 finals and one of my teachers gave me a really cute gift to take home. After school my host mom took me to Carthage so that I could get my nails done for Graduation on Sunday. I also worked on thank you notes for my teachers since they really impacted me throughout the year and helped me a lot.
Tuesday I went to the workout after school. My last one. It was so sad but I really enjoyed being part of the Winter and Spring Off-season this year!! Afterwards I went home and got ready for going camping. We had the Senior Campout where the Seniors (that want to) camp in front of the school and it was soo much fun!! We played games together and chalked the entrance of the High School. In the morning I went and got Donut's with some of the other Seniors and then a friend dropped me off at home. I took a quick nap since I didn't sleep all night and then I had to get ready for school. My last official school day. I had to take my last final today and turn another one in. I had to "sign out" from school and I took pictures with every class to have a memory. During homeroom we had a Senior Assembly in the library where they got cake for us. It was so emotional so I started crying.. I went to Youth at night and this time we helped a person with cleaning out their basement because it got flooded.
On Thursday we had our first Senior activity day. We started off with signing everyone's stole for Graduation and afterwards we put our handprint and signature on the Senior Wall. It looks amazing! I also got to sign the Weight Room sign and the wall in the locker room since I did weights and Track. I went to brunch with friends of mine and a few people I never talked to before and I was starting to think about how things would have been different if I would have got to know them earlier. I went to lunch with my host parents and afterwards to Walmart with my host mom since I needed make up for Graduation.
Friday was our second Senior day and we started off with having an Awards Ceremony for scholarships and outstanding achievements. I got a Certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing which made me super happy. After that we put on our cap and gowns, took a class picture and got to walk through the Middle/ Elementary school. Then we all changed and went to the park to take the traditional Park picture of the Senior Class. After that was done I went to lunch with two really good friends of mine. We had to be back at the High School by 1:15pm because we had Graduation practice. I lettered in Show Choir so I got to pick up my letter and pins and then I went home. In the evening I went to a Graduation party of a friend of mine and I was glad when I finally got home at night.
Saturday we stayed home all day, relaxed and got ready for Graduation the next day.
Sunday morning we went to church and afterwards I went to a Grad-party. I went home to put my make up on and to change and then I went to the hair stylist because I wanted to get my hair curled for Graduation. I got to the school by 3 because Baccalaureate started at 3:30pm. It is kind if a worship lead by selected people of the Senior Class and you don't have to attend if you don't want to since it is religious. They all did a really good job! The wind was blowing really bad so my hair got kind of destroyed but I tried not to care so much. After it was over we went to the Dome Gym, put our Cap and Gowns on and lined up. We started walking over the Track a little after 5pm when it was supposed to start. We pledged the allegiance, prayed and then the ceremony started. I got to sing a song with choir and then we had the speech of the Valedictorian (class best) and another solo and the Alma Mater (school anthem). Then they started to call every single person individually up onto the stage and we received our (empty) diploma case and a flower. After that was over we all moved our tassels together and then walked out on the field to throw our caps! They played our class song and then everybody took pictures with each other and congratulated each other. After that my host family and I took pictures at a wall in Lamar and then I went to two different Graduation parties of my friends. I went home and got ready because I had to be at the school by 10:30pm for Project Graduation. This is something that some schools do for all the Seniors the night of Graduation to prevent them from doing something stupid like drinking. Everybody has to turn in their keys and if you stay the whole time (until 5:30am) you are eligible for prices. So we started off with a Scavenger Hunt through Lamar (it was so much fun!) and afterwards we had big bubble balls, that you can put on and knock other people over with. I also learnt how to play poker. At 3am we all went outside and watched "Why Him" on a blow up screen. Then we all went back inside for the drawing of the prices. Everybody got to put their tickets in a bucket during the evening and so now they distributed the prices. Everybody got at least on thing and I got a $50 Visa giftcard. They had cash left over so everybody went back into the pot and I got drawn again and got $5 in cash. They also gave everyone a "Class of 2017" shirt that I really like!
It was a really busy, but fantastic, week and I got to make so many new memories. Yes it is sad that my American High School experience is over now, but I am so happy that I could even experience it!❤


Week 38: Spring Concert

Hello my friends,
This Monday I had my final presentation from our Easter Project in Marketing. It went pretty good because we tied for 3rd place which is awesome. In the evening I went to a Graduation Party of friends of mine and it was so cool to see their pictures from their younger years.
In Weights we had Max-out week again and on Tuesday I maxed out on benchpress, on Wednesday in Powerclean and on Thursday in Squat. I improved on every single one so I am really happy to notice a progress in my strength.
Tuesday our workout go cancelled so I got to go home after school and Wednesday I didn't go to Youth either because we were on a tornado watch again.
On Thursday we took our Spanish Final and we had a workout which was really hard but so good and effective.
Friday we had a Marketing fundraiser going on so I helped with that and after school we took Track team pictures for the yearbook. In the evening we had our Spring Concert with choir and it went ok but not super good.
Saturday my host mom, host sister and my host grandma went to the farmers market in Webb City and then we went to Michael's to buy the stuff that I need to decorate my cap for Graduation and for gifts. I worked on both of those all night Saturday and Sunday after we got home from church and between studying for finals. In the evening I went to one of the exchange students goodbye party and it was really emotional for me.


14. Mai 2017

Week 37: Last Track Meet

Hello guys,
This Monday I went on a Field Trip with my old Anatomy and Physiology class. We went to the cadaver lab at MSSU and it was really interesting. After that we went to the mall and ate lunch and had time to shop. We got back before 7th hour so we had to go back to class. After practice I got ready for the Academic Banquet. First we had dinner and then everybody that had a 3.5 GPA or higher got called out and got something, depending on the grade you are in. I have a 4.0 GPA (the best you can get) so I got a letter and a pin to put on my letterman jacket.
On Tuesday I went to another running workout and we did 4 sets of auburns.. I was dying.
On Wednesday I went to Youth and this time we had a big Youth gathering at First Christian church and it was really amazing!
On Thursday I we left for the Track meet in Monett at 1:30. I got to throw shot put and PR-ed in discus and placed 5th. We walked to Sonic for dinner and I got convinced to run in the 4×400m relay. We got 2nd place and it was so much fun. My only medal this year. And with this meet my one and only Track and Field season was over..:/
On Saturday morning I volunteered at my host dads work and it was raining so bad that everything started to flood.
On Sunday morning we went up to Kansas City. First we went to Ikea and then to a mall. Afterwards we went to Costco and we ate dinner downtown at P. F. Chang's.

That's it for this week,

13. Mai 2017

Week 36: PROM

Hello out there,
This Monday I went to another Track meet in Nixa and I got to throw discus. I got a new PR and we got home really late.
On Tuesday me and Tara, the other German, did presentations in Coach Hall's classes 2nd through 7th hour. It was a lot of fun and I went to the workout again after homeroom. We had our running day and we did a "jump over hurdles-> push/pull sled-> sprint"-drill. We also flipped tyres and got out early since we had to help with the Middle School Track meet, where I measured discus for boys and girls.
On Wednesday we had Senior Service day so in the morning two friends of mine and me worked at the florist. Then we went for lunch to the park with our whole class. I had to go to practice at 3pm and afterwards I went to the Football ring ceremony where the football players finally got their state rings. After that I went to Youth and it was awesome.
On Thursday I helped at the High School Track meet since I wasn't able to compete (since it was only Varsity).
On Friday I skipped Track practice in order to get my nails done. So my host dad took me and the other German to Carthage and we had to wait for 4 hours until we could finally get our nails done. My host mom took us home so we grabbed some ice cream on the way.
On Saturday was Prom. I got my hair and make up done and went to Promenade. This is where you (and your date, I didn't have one) walk out and everybody can take pictures. I took a lot of pics with my friends and then I got one taken by a photographer. I went to a friends house and we took pictures together. After that we went to Red Onion in Joplin and ate dinner. Our Prom was in Pittsburg-Kansas so we had to drive another 40 minutes and got there at 8:30pm. I danced with my friends and just had a good time. My group and I already left at 10pm (Prom was until 11) and we went bowling. I got home at 1:30pm and I really enjoyed my first and last PROM.
On Sunday my host parents and I went to church and afterwards we went to Instant Karma, in Joplin, for lunch. I had a Donut-Burger and it was soo good. After that they dropped me off at the Webb City fire department and I got to spend 5 hours there. The guy that invited me is a family friend and so he showed me everything and I got to go on 3 emergency calls. It was really fun! Thank you!
This week I have so many people to say thank you to! So thank you to everybody who made this week and especially Prom 2017 so wonderful.

Isabel ♡

Week 35: Show Choir Dinner

Hey guys,
This week on Tuesday I went to a Track meet in Pierce City. I got to throw shotput and got a new PR (personal record).
On Wednesday night I went to Youth Group again and on Thursday after school I went to the workout again. It was a Weight room day and my arms were really sore afterwards.
On Friday we had no school since it was Good Friday, so all of the exchange students and our Local Coordinators went bowling together. It was our final activity and so we also ate lunch together. In the evening my host mom and I went to the school to help setting up for the Choir dinner the next day. We decorated the whole commence and when we got home at 9pm I had to do my Senior poster since it was our Choir "Senior Night".
On Saturday morning I went and volunteered at the florist and when I got home I got ready for the dinner. First we served the people dinner and then we had solos. I sang a solo and a duet with the other German Tara. It went pretty good! Then Choir and finally Show Choir performed and it wasn't too bad. I helped cleaning up and by the time we got home I felt asleep immediately.
Sunday we went to church and afterwards to Joplin for dinner.


11. April 2017

Week 34: Women of Joy

Hello out there,
This week was pretty good! On Monday one of my best and closest friends here got me a German Bible. I am so thankful!
On Tuesday we had the workout again and it was our lifting day this time. I had a lot to study this day since we had a big government test with an essay the next two days. In the end I did get a perfect on it so it was worth it.
On Wednesday I went to Youth Group again and we had a really good final message about God's Grace.
On Thursday we had the workout again and this time our running part of the week. After that I went throwing for nearly 2 hours and I actually really got some (for me) good throws in.
On Friday my host mom, her mom and my host sister and I went to Springfield and did some shopping and in the evening the "Women of Joy" conference in Branson started. There were over 4000 women and it was amazing! We had a speaker and worshiped together.
On Saturday we had to be there at 7:30am and we had more speakers and comedians and worshiped. For lunch we had Mexican with a big group of lady's we went with. Then we went shopping in the outlet mall in Branson. In the evening we had a "Laura Story" concert on the program and I loved it. After that we went to a 50s dinner and got some really good ice cream.
Sunday morning we had breakfast at Bob Evans and then we had our last and final session of the conference with our last speaker. This conference was so amazing! I loved every single second of it and it changed me! I feel closer to God than before and I love it. In the afternoon we went to the outlet mall again and then made our way back to Lamar. When we got home we had to do laundry and I went to bed at 9:30 because I was exhausted from this breathtaking weekend!

Be blessed!

Week 33: Silver Dollar City

Hello guys,
Monday I got back to reality and had to go to school. We had practice every day.
Tuesday after school I had the workout again and it was our running day. So we pushed sleds and did auburns and did mirror races. On Thursday we had another workout but this time it was our lifting day in the weight room and my arms were dead afterwards and we still had to throw but it started to rain really bad so we could go home early.
On Friday we got our Cap and Gowns and I went with my Track team to the Carthage Track meet; even though I didn't get to compete since it was only Varsity. But at the end we had a "Throwers-Relay" (4×100m) and I got to run. 😂 It was really fun and we got home even later than last time.
On Saturday I had to get up at 6am because we were leaving the church at 7am to go to Silver Dollar City. It is an amusement park and it took 1.5 hours to get there. We went there for Young Christians Weekend and I had a blast! We rode a lot of rollercoaster and walked around. We also went on a water ride and I got soaked but it got warmer after a while so my clothes dried. At 6pm there was a Christian concert and "Building 429" performed. They did an amazing job; I really enjoyed it. We had dinner at McDonalds and got back to Lamar around 11pm.
On Sunday we went to church and helped with the kids during second service. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Nevada and I loved the food there. For the rest of the day we cleaned and got ready for next week.

I love you guys,